The members of our dedicated fundraising team, being ably led by George West-Robinson, are busy looking into grants and other types of funding, as well as helping organise loads of fundraising events and activities across the village.

We reckon we need to raise up to £1.3 million before we can turn the key and open The Mill up for the very first time.

Here’s a quick overview of the money that’s been raised and donated so far.

Event / activityDateMoney raised
Village Wine Safari (money split between The Mill and the Church) July 2017£700
Village Summer Fete including sale of ‘bricks’ July 2019£6,200
Italian Clothes Sale (Kate Cross) Nov 2019£158
Chilli Cook Off (Del Robertson) Nov 2019£500
Christmas Bazaar, Christmas cards and Seasonal cookbooks Nov 2019£2,043
John and Paula Orton’s Christmas drop in Dec 2019£204
Valley Voice carol singing Dec 2019£360
Del’s Souper Quiz Feb 2020£324
Gerry Henson’s, sale of home grown plantsMay 2020£200
Sale of plants and potsJun 2020£183
Sale of handmade face masks (Wendy Curtis and team)Aug 2020£628
Royal George Sunday Quiz NightsVarious£85

Get involved

If you’d like to be part of this exciting new project and join our enthusiastic team, we’d love you to get involved. We’re looking for people who have great ideas for raising money, people who might have connections to some of the bigger funding sources. Please contact George West-Robinson to find out more.

Fundraising calendar

View fundraising calendar – April 2020

A calendar of fundraising events has been prepared for the next 12 months. This is for guidance only and may change. We’ll let you have dates and more details as soon as they’re available, and we’ll include them in our events calendar.