Community cookbook

Calling all budding Nigellas, Ainsleys and Nadiya Hussains!

Have you ever fancied getting your favourite recipe in print?

If so, as part of the fundraising push for The Mill, village foodie Del Robertson has come up with the idea of putting together a community cookbook.

Have you got a favourite, fool-proof recipe you’re willing to share? 

Show off your culinary genius and have your name in lights (well in print anyway) right alongside your recipe.  You could have the glory of being immortalised in print, and people talking about how good your recipe is for generations to come.

We’re looking to cover a wide range of cuisines. They could be very simple and traditional, or a little more complex and exotic. It’s very much up to you. You know what works.

So we’d be looking for:

  • Nibbles and starters
  • Salads
  • Main courses (vegetarian, meat and fish)
  • Desserts
  • Sauces
  • Pickles, jams and preserves
  • Spice mixes, rubs and marinades
  • Cakes and biscuits
  • Sweet treats

Initially we can accept submissions of up to 5 recipes per person. To truly make it a Community Cookbook we can only accept recipes from Cottingham and Middleton residents of any age – but of course old family recipes are absolutely fine!  

When all the recipes are in, Del will choose a selection to go into the cookbook. He’ll then ask for a donation of £1 for each recipe that’s included. All monies received will go towards costs of putting together and publishing this soon-to-be best seller!

Please be very concise and descriptive with your recipes. Remember that many people are quite new to cookery, and a process that you think is simple may not be so for them. Put as much detail as possible into the recipe(s) you submit. Don’t forget titles for your dish, temperatures and timings and whether certain dishes are Vegetarian or Vegan friendly or Gluten free etc. 

Another request, please don’t attach any professional Chef’s names to your recipe’s. Firstly, people will think you’re a genius for inventing such a brilliant dish, and if we do name a chef in the title (i.e. ‘Delia’s Christmas Cake’), there may be Copyright/Royalty issues to deal with. Consider tweaking the original recipe by altering or adding an ingredient or two, and then it really does become yours. 

The sooner the collection builds, the sooner we can collate sufficient gems to put into book form. It would be great to have this ready for Christmas 2019 if at all possible. Fewer presents to think about!

If you can take a good quality high resolution image photograph of your dish, or if you’d like Del to do this for you, please indicate this or let him know. Again, please do not copy any photos from books or magazines.

Del will be collating the submissions, so please email him on

Have fun with it!